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St. Abigail

The Patron Saint of Beekeepers

St Abigail is the orthodox Christian Patron Saint of Beekeeping. She was born in County Clare, Ireland in the 5th or 6th century. Fleeing from her home due to a family feud, she was visited by an angel who told her to walk until she saw 9 white deer, where she was to stay and spend the rest of her life. She walked and found 3 deer, following them found 6, and finally ended up at Ballyvourney where the 9 white deer the angel told her of were grazing. She was made into an abbess by Fr and St. Abban of Kilabban and he gave her land to start a women’s monastery. St Abigail was well known for using herbs and honey to heal the sick, and as a beekeeper. There is a story about her standing on a hill one faithful day and spotting a Chieftain with his army running through crops and scaring away cattle. She sent her bees after them and they fled in terror leaving empty handed. She reposed in peace on February 11th, the year of which is unknown. We pray she intercede for us and our bees!

- The Lives of The Saints (Instagram) @thesynaxarium

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